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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Grand Opening - Aloha Golf

From Hawaii to Las Vegas

Franchise expands with its first location outside of the islands

Story by Bill Bowman


Stacy Amann says it’s really quite simple: “We’re here to help people improve their golf game.”

Amann, a PGA of America professional, instructs that golf fans should check out one of Las Vegas’ newest golf stores—Aloha Golf Center. The facility, located at 9440 W. Sahara Ave. (Suite 120), opened its doors in early July and has already been a hit with the public.

“Word is getting out,” Amann says of the store that is a one-stop shop…from instruction to apparel to accessories to equipment to repair. “We had a lot of people the first week…then more people the second week and so on. It’s just been real positive for us.”

Aloha Golf Center’s store in Las Vegas is the second franchise for the company. The original is in Oahu (opened in 2010), and the feeling was a store in Las Vegas was only natural as Vegas has long been looked at as the ninth island.

For Amann, who spent more than 20 years in Hawaii, it was the chance to expand his expertise. Formerly the Director of Golf at the Makaha Resort and Mililani Golf Club, teaching has always been his passion. “I had been looking for a chance to focus primarily on teaching and club fitting. In Hawaii, the Aloha Golf Center has the reputation of being the best.”

And now that reputation is alive and well in Las Vegas. “I’ve been in Las Vegas since early May and I just love it,” he says. “I miss Hawaii the least that I’ve ever missed it when I left. I play my best golf in the hot weather and the courses here are really great. This is just such a cool city. There’s always something to do.”

That includes helping players with their swing and equipment. “We do it all here,” Amann says. “I’ve taught for 25 years and just love it…really now more than I ever have. And we can make sure players’ clubs fit them and we can repair clubs and put on new grips. We’re straight shooters. We’ll tell you if your clubs fit you or if you should change.”

And if you choose to change, all the name brands are here at great prices, from Callaway to Titleist to TaylorMade to Mizuno…and the rest. Plus, there are higher-end options. “It’s worked in Honolulu and we believe it will work here,” he says. “It’s not just using the technology Tour pros use, we study the characteristics and feel of the vast array of products to know what will best fit you. We have a strong Asian presence (in Honolulu) and have built great relationships with brands like Miura, Honma, Epon, Basileus and the quickly growing Graphite Design, played by Jordan Spieth.”

The bottom line for Amann is that everyone who walks in the door is a guest. “Whether they are here to have a club re-gripped or repaired or to take a lesson or to buy new clubs, we want them to know we’re here to help,” he says.

In fact, Amann is so confidant people will be impressed with the services the store offers, he’s offering a free checkup. “Our services are always free to purchasing customers but we want to meet the golfers here and offer them free equipment evaluation regardless of purchase,” he says. “Anyone who has spent this type of money on clubs should know how well a set fits them and their swing.”


Aloha Golf Center

9440 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 120, Las Vegas



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