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Friday, December 11, 2015

A look at building and design trends for 2016

What’s In, What’s Out

A look at building and design trends for 2016

Story by Nikki Villoria


With a new year comes new style and when it comes to an influx of unique trends, interior and exterior design is no exception.

While everyone has their own take on what styles and designs appeal to them, certain concepts stand out above the rest. From incorporating an antique feel, using natural finishes and elements, and reimagining the modern feel, 2016 has some distinctive design trends in store.

Trending in Overall Design

If you thought modern multi-use exteriors were something only for futuristic movies, you’d be wrong. One of the most trending methodology approaches picking up steam in popularity is open concept programing, the tactic of developing flexible spaces to fill the ever-changing needs of owners and occupants.

“The big thing lately is the blending of indoor and outdoor spaces,” says Tyler Jones, founder and owner of Blue Heron. “I know how busy we’ve been with our Vegas modern design which is big on the blending of spaces, so that just shows that this feature will continue to be popular here in Las Vegas. It’s always ongoing.”

This concept incorporates the importance of breaking away from the classic idea of defined spaces and instead allowing these living spaces to flow to and from one another. One key element of this blended layout design is bringing character to the space through lighting techniques. For 2016, it’s about more than the simple act of illuminating a room; it’s all about statement lighting, both natural and artificial.

“This popular trend in blurred lines of interior and exterior spaces really calls for lots of natural lighting,” says Roy Burson, an architect at JVC Architects.

While any lighting fixture can brighten a room, to complement natural illumination throughout the day try unique statement lighting. By incorporating various elements properly as design features, statement lighting can unify disparate elements in a room and produce an eye-catching design piece. From natural, to clean-lined, to very traditional approaches, dramatic lighting effects will be essential features to include in 2016 design.

Along with this modern approach to living with indoor-outdoor spaces being on the rise in popularity, to break away from the stereotyped boxy lackluster design, the use of natural and unique materials help create a fresh, stylized surrounding.

For the home-style trendsetter looking to incorporate elements that are becoming all the rage, metals, meshes and translucent materials along with various building practices such as rammed earth and gabion walls are a must-have.

Modern technology also plays a role in upcoming design trends as new approaches include the blending or full use of lightweight materials for easy manipulation in design.

These specific design elements continue to grow in popularity and are expected to be among the top trending exterior and interior design embellishments in 2016.


Trending on the Inside

While the New Year will prove to include a variety of modern approaches on the exterior, when it comes to interior design styles, a lot more blending of styles is taking place.

“Buildings have to be well cited and thoughtfully designed while interiors can be a bit more free,” says Edward Vance, founder and CEO of EV&A Architects, Inc. “Interiors are more transitory and can be updated much easier than exteriors.”

Trending interior design exposes a new blending of modern, traditional, and contemporary styles. This new fusion style of design is one that has already gained steam in popularity and will continue to escalate.

2016 design is about simultaneously embracing modern and eclectic, fusing modern, straight-line design styles with heavy, concentrated textures from raw material such as metals, wood and mane. By doing so, designers, both professional and self-proclaimed, can create a mash up of classic and refinished elegance.

With interior rooms dramatically lit up, the use of patterns stirs up some controversy on interior trends. While some say bold patterns are a must when it comes to interior design, others feel that heavy designs and saturated colors are on their way out. Whether patterns are considered in or out, only time will tell if the copious fields of chevron prints will continue to embed themselves onto every surface. Meanwhile, when it comes to color and its use in design, a precise trend is on the rise.

“Colors are becoming much more monochromatic and clean. It creates a fresh contemporary palate for incorporating a punch of color as a accent without the commitment,” says Larry Ward, CEO of WHL Design Group.

This divergence from standard bright colored walls and materials is calling for trending design to embrace a less-is-more feel. The call for simplistic backgrounds with a main focal point is preferred for catching the eye and tying a room together.

“In our clients’ homes it may as well be called 50 shades of gray, because practically every one of them is asking for gray walls and colored accents. Gray is the new beige,” says Jill Abelman, owner of Inside Style. “As a designer, we are presented with the latest in fabrics and wallpaper almost every day and the colors I see most in fabrics are creamy neutrals. A beautiful teal green blue as well as citron greens and royal purples are back.”

Another favorite trend making its appearance in design for 2016 is embracing the vibe that everything that goes around comes around. Antique styles are being folded into modern elements for a fresh new rustic, yet modern, twist.

“Antique styles have made a comeback with fresh new finishes and fabrics. I love a re-imagined classic chair or sofa. Vintage touches are huge,” Abelman says.

For the West Coast, this style of contemporary western will continue to rise in popularity as the modern, industrial and rustic styles merge into a design hybrid. “There is nothing that is incorrect anymore when it comes to set styles, as designs begin to blend with others,” says Ward.

In addition to incorporating antique and vintage pieces into interior design, a big part of exploring this new take on design is to merge modern design with an array of strong textures. With classic modern style leading the flow of design, designers are emphasizing the trend of coming back through and blending heavy natural textures for a modern-rustic finish.

In addition to the natural and modern looks, one style that is forecasted to make an appearance in interior design is the use of gold leaf finishes. “The gold leaf finish is coming back in a big way,” says Abelman. “Most of the new market introductions showed these finishes instead of the silver nickel we have become accustomed to.”

From interior to exterior design trends, 2016 stresses a natural and modern approach. Whether you’re looking for a complete redesign or to simply update an old look to incorporate new design trends, when in doubt, refer to the year’s major textural influences: natural materials, such as reclaimed wood, metal and natural crystals, and furry organic textures in fabrics.


Out of Style in 2016

In the midst of rising design crazes, previous trends begin to make their decline. 


Loft-style living

“The loft-style of modern living seems to not be as popular. There’s not quite as much around as you’ve seen before.” - Tyler Jones, founder and owner, Blue Heron

Thematic design approaches

“The thematic architecture of the past is out of date. Granted some is still being done but newer buildings are maturing as well done pieces of architecture.” - Edward Vance, founder and CEO, EV&A Architects, Inc.



Over stuffed traditional shapes and fussy ornate upholstery

“Even the large retailers like Restoration Hardware are changing their offerings to reflect the consumers demand for fresh, straight lined pieces.” - Jill Abelman, Owner and Principal Designer, Inside Style   

Heavy use of color as a main wall focus in a room

“Punch accents of color are in demand and are more non-committal than past use of heavy color.” - Larry Ward, CEO, WHL Design Group


Eco-Friendly Trends for 2016


Aluminum Solar Shading Systems

Positioned on the outside of glass, this solar shading approach is used to reduce the amount of direct sunlight entering a given space, controlling interior brightness and limiting heat in the summer while allowing the sun to penetrate in winter.



Repurposing of Raw Materials

Raw materials such as oriented strand board (osb) and wooden palettes are being used as textured finishes. Coupling the repurposed raw elements with modern styles such as marble and granite surfaces, when done properly, creates a dynamic blend of design that is fun and whimsical.


Region-Specific Materials

Instead of shipping away for imported elements for textures and accents, look to include indigenous materials such as rocks, woods, metals and concretes.


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