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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Poolscapes: a custom pool & landscape company


Beautiful Backyards

Poolscapes: a custom pool & landscape company


Poolscapes won the 2018 Design Challenge during the International Pool Spa Expo in Las Vegas.



As I sit here enjoying my beautiful backyard, I wanted to say thank you. Your team has taken our beautiful house and made it an amazing home. The design was unbelievable on paper and is breathtaking in person. The landscaping team brought our dirt pile to life and the cactus garden was the perfect enhancement that ties everything together. The project management and attention to detail were fantastic. Your team always being there to go above and beyond, and the people you are, really has allowed us to receive an entertainment oasis beyond our dreams. And the scheduler working behind the scenes to keep everyone in line brought it all together. While ours were not the simplest or shortest projects, and we were not the easiest clients, your team has exceeded our expectations and made our dream come true.

-Josh F., 2019



  • 20+ years, 1,000+ projects
  • Showroom & design center
  • 100% A+ positive rating, Nevada State Contractors Board & BBB
  • Custom pools
  • Full landscape
  • Fire & water features 


Poolscapes masterplans the entire yard, front and back:

  • Detailed planning & execution
  • Implement the latest trends
  • From traditional to modern
  • Carefully crafted spaces
  • Understand unique needs


Poolscapes is truly a homegrown business. Started by father Ivan Friedmutter and joined by son Tanr Ross, the family run business has been around since 2001. And while they have grown, they are technically still the same—a pool and landscape business all in one. Father and son see themselves as a boutique type business, where quality is stressed over quantity. The projects themselves, of course, have become more complex over the last two decades, with a stressed attention to quality and detail.

“Our business is all organic new builds,” says Tanr Ross. “We create full projects, from the base up. While this focuses mostly on new builds, we do also include existing homes that need a full new backyard. A blank slate allows us full creative design, and that is where we excel.”

New features, new lighting, and new equipment have all changed the business over the past few decades. After years of building, ideas are easier to implement, which in turn makes it easier to become more creative.

As their name states, almost every project Poolscapes takes on involves a pool. And that is where the fun is, creating an oasis in a client’s backyard through landscaping and an amazing pool. Poolscapes is one of the few companies able to stay in business through the recession, thanks to a varied clientele. Retired individuals and couples stayed strong, continuing to create their dream retirement home, regardless of the downturn in the economy. Without worrying about resale, their dreams of a backyard oasis didn’t seem to waiver. Today, Poolscapes has seen a large influx of young entrepreneurs moving to Las Vegas from California. And they too, want to create their own oasis in the desert.

The Poolscapes team consists of field managers, a project manager, a landscape architect, and 17 in-house landscapers as well as salespeople, an accountant, a scheduler, and of course, father and son. The entire process revolves around the client, with the goal of bringing the homeowners dreams to life, from a 3D presentation to the final result.


Poolscapes, LLC

9340 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite 102, Las Vegas


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