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Monday, July 20, 2020

Blending beauty and ultimate durability

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Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions

Blending beauty and ultimate durability

Story by Lynn Leissler

Photography provided by Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions


Over 40 years ago, Ron Swapp, a pharmaceutical representative, wanted plantation shutters in his home. He contacted various window treatment companies, and a few came to his house for measurements and showed samples for the Swapps’ consideration. Ron studied each sample and finally said, “I can do better than that.” His wife responded, “Okay, go ahead.” He was a hobby craftsman, and his finished shutters elicited compliments—and requests—from friends and family. Soon, he exited the pharmaceutical field and Sunburst Shutters was birthed in Phoenix.

In 1987, Swapp hired his nephew, Dix Jarman, to open a branch in Las Vegas. Though they now have stores throughout the U.S., Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions is headquartered here with Jarman as CEO—local professionals who care about Las Vegas.  

When you are ready to decorate your new home, remodel your existing home, or update a room, most people you ask in Las Vegas will enthusiastically recommend Sunburst Shutters. This is based on an over three-decade local presence and an amazing reputation for superior quality products and customer service. Their corporate philosophy is to do it better than anyone else—better products, better service, a better experience. Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions has teams of professionals who truly take care of their customers. They bring helpful personalities, extensive knowledge of window treatments, and proven installation experience. Sunburst’s reputation is built on its people as well as its products. They are a company you can trust.

When John Barnes was brought on as Chief Marketing Officer 16 years ago, naturally he believed in the company’s product. But could it be truly as wonderful as claimed? He determined to prove it for himself. Sunburst’s delivery trucks had the company’s shutters attached to their sides. One day, after a delivery of new shutters arrived from the manufacturing facility, John wiped down a shutter on a truck, one that had been there for eight years through Southern Nevada weather. He wanted to compare a new shutter with the one on a truck. To his delight, the color was the same. “Exactly the same!” He was convinced with unequivocal certainty. “Then I knew we legitimately had something that no one else had.”

Energy efficiency is another feature of Sunburst Shutters, and again, an incident proved to Barnes just how efficient they were. He visited a store in Phoenix that had shutters covering sliding glass doors in an unused conference room with the air conditioning turned off. It was 120˚ outside, about 105˚ in the room. He felt the shutters, and they were warm. The glass behind them was baking hot, the metal hardware almost burned his hand. The shutters had absorbed a lot of heat.

The reason for the color retention and heat absorption is Polywood®, a durable, recyclable solid wood substitute engineered by Sunburst Shutters and completely custom made in the USA. The shutters won’t chip, crack, warp, or split. Further, they are moisture resistant, fire resistant, and impervious to termites. When closed, the interlocking shutters block noise, heat (up to 30%), and offer privacy, and of course the oven-baked finish that never discolors. The complete, 100% lifetime warranty is unique in that it covers the finish as well as the base product.

Polywood® can easily be fashioned to any shape you choose, such as octagon, rake, arch, rectangle, or square, and has the look of wood, without the potential for deterioration over time. Other companies may claim the same product, but Polywood® is trademarked, and you can get it only through Sunburst Shutters. People who bought from another shutter company might think they have genuine Polywood®, but realize over time that not all shutters are created equal. Then they call Sunburst, knowing they will get the real deal.

Sunburst has a shop-at-home program with virtual consultations where you may pick your options in design, frame, and color. Someone will come to your home for measurements, of course, to ensure that perfect fit. Or you may opt for an in-home consultation. A professional will help you select what you want. If you aren’t totally sure what that is, they will guide you.

Barnes reminds people to not merely consider window treatments in utilitarian terms, but as an upgrade. When remodeling your home or redoing a room, he urges that people not overlook window treatments. “It makes a big statement when you put in shutters. It’s amazing the difference they make in a home.” And when you choose Sunburst Shutters and its best-in-class products like Polywood®, you’ve made the perfect choice for beauty and ultimate durability.


Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions

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