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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

A golf car that is so much more

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ICON Super Store

A golf car that is so much more

Story by Bill Bowman

Photography provided by ICON Super Store


Many people view a golf cart as simply a way to get around the golf course. No more, no less.

But many people are now turning to them for much of their everyday transportation needs. Why?

Well, the answer is simple: Have you seen the price of gas and insurance? Then it’s time to check out Las Vegas of ICON Super Store, your one-stop shopping spot for golf cars. Note that ICON uses the term Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) for the vehicles rather than golf cars (not carts) because they are being used for more than golf. Much more.

“It’s a lot easier for people to get in the NEV and just go rather than load up the car,” says Carrie Lambkin-Brewer, General Manager of West Coast sites. “More and more people in communities are looking at them. They are street legal and ready to go whether it’s to the grocery store, the community pool, to a friend’s house, or just about anywhere they may be heading as they have somewhere between a 25 to 35-mile range on a charge.”

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill vehicles. Sure, they have the classic two seaters we’re all used to seeing, but they go all the way up to six-seaters. Overall, it’s becoming a way of life…and a fun one at that. “The demand is certainly growing,” Lambkin-Brewer says. “In fact, in my community everyone drives a golf cart. If there’s a neighborhood party, you see nothing but carts at the party.” 

Oh, and don’t forget the golf. “A lot of people load up the golf clubs, drive to the course, play a round and drive home. It’s that easy.”

Now if you’re still not convinced one of these vehicles is for you, Lambkin-Brewer says the numbers tell the story. “The starting price is $8,795 for a stock vehicle. And it goes up to a six-seater which is right under $12,000. That’s the biggest one we sell.” Those are for stock vehicles but, like most people and their cars, most don’t leave the lot as stock purchases. They have to check out the options. “Most people come in and have in mind they will probably spend between $13,000 and $15,000,” she adds. “Then when they see our prices, they always seem to add on things, and we have a long list of items to customize them. From a Bluetooth sound bar to custom wheels and tires to custom seats to a custom paint job and more, there are definitely a lot of options for them.”

And even most of the stock vehicles that go out the door don’t stay stock for long. “Normally if they walk out, we will see them soon and they will want to add on one or two items,” she says.

But there’s one more factor – and it’s a huge one – that potential clients need to figure in: cost to maintain. This is where the NEV begins to make more sense rather than having a second car sitting around. Rather than gas, these vehicles are all electric. And with the cost of gas these days, the savings are impressive. “It costs less than $15 a month to charge the NEV and insurance usually runs between $75 and $150 a year,” according to Lambkin-Brewer. “It’s much less than a car and much more convenient. I certainly don’t notice a spike in my electricity bill every month with the NEV as opposed to charging a car.”

And like your regular car, ICON will be there for any service your vehicle may need. “We have full-service centers in all of our locations,” she says of the 10 nationwide (and growing) sites. “The vehicles come with a two-year full warranty, and that covers everything including the battery which is the biggest thing.”

What happens if you break down on the road? “We offer pickup and delivery services just like if your car were to break down,” she says.

The vehicles are definitely a staple in many retirement communities, but the interest is expanding to other communities and neighborhoods. “A lot of people are still working from home after COVID and they have found they don’t need that second car. These NEV’s are easy to use, are street legal (they go up to 25 mph and are legal on streets where 35 mph limits are posted), and they are safe (they have seat belts for each seat).” The interest in ICON and NEVs is growing quickly.

“Whether it’s going to the grocery store, the doctor, or just about anywhere else people may be heading on an errand, they just make life easier,” she says.


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