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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A proactive vision for healing


A proactive vision for healing

Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers help patients get back to full health and back into action—quickly and safely

Story by Bill Bowman

Photography provided by Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers


There’s nothing worse than being sidelined from the golf course (or other sport activities) with an injury. It seems that there’s nothing to do but let nature take its course and wait until you heal. Fortunately, however, that’s not the case anymore.

The folks at Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers are at patients’ beck and call to help them get back to full health and back into action—quickly and safely.

“The wait-and-see approach is in the past,” says Dr. James Mortensen PT, DPT, Clinical Director of FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers. “People want to be back out on the golf course, get back to work, or get out and play with the grandkids.”

The staff of physical therapists have advanced training, along with hands-on healing. Their goal is simple: to get you healthy, which starts with the Body Q System, a wellness exam.

“The exam makes the invisible visible,” Mortensen says. “It’s a physical wellness exam. It shows us a lot….How well do you move? Can you reach over and touch the ground? It will let us know if you have deficits that haven’t been addressed so we can work on those. It’s the only preventative exam like it in the world.”

Healing is just the tip of the iceberg. The staff also helps with balance disorders, amputee rehabilitation, mobility disorders, head injuries (including concussions), and much more.

FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers has no age limit. The youngest patient seen by the clinic staff was two months old and the oldest was108. Doctors have countless stories about working with a patient of any age that will brighten even the most skeptical person’s outlook. Mortensen tells a story about a couple where both patients were over 100 and just wanted to dance again. Putting them in the harness system helped them achieve that goal. “It took them back to their younger years,” he adds.

From sprains and strains to more complex injuries (post-surgery recovery, torn tendon and ligaments, back and neck injuries), there is no one-size-fits-all rehab process.

The centers are the ideal spot to help players get back on the path to good health, and it’s not just rehabilitation. Stretching and conditioning plans are utilized to minimize the likelihood of future injuries or setbacks. The centers even deals with issues such as increasing strength and power along with helping improve range of motion, as well as helping patients build endurance. Last, but not least, though, they will help patients come up with sport-specific exercises and drills to keep them fit and on the course.

“We definitely see a lot of back injuries,” Mortensen says. “And that can cause golfers to change their swing, maybe without even realizing it because it may hurt to swing normally. Then they may lose distance or accuracy and it may still hurt. It may get to the point where golf just isn’t enjoyable. And it not only affects their swing, it affects their life.”

Luckily, FYZICAL’s game plan starts from the beginning.

“First we find the impairment and then we work to treat it,” says Mortensen. “What makes you start to get better is the fact that the more accurate the diagnosis, the better the treatment. And the better the treatment, the quicker the people start getting better.”

Remember, you’ve got just one body, and the staff at Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers is ready to help make sure body stays ready for that next outing, whether it’s on the golf course or any other field of play.

“Age is just a number,” Mortensen says. “Whether you’re 29 and on the PGA Tour or 70 and just want to play a round of golf every week, we can help. We just want to get them back to doing what they love to do.”

“Our patients’ goals are our only goals,” Mortensen says. “If your goal is to rehab so you can play 18 holes of golf every week…or go bowling…or play with your grandkids…I’ll do my best to get you there.”

FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers use their wide range of medical abilities to help as many people as possible, making them different from many other specialists. Their motto sums up their approach perfectly: “Spelled different because we are different.”



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