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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Home Feature - Spring 2014 - Spectacular Stone

Spectacular Stone

Stonescape Pavers brings excellence to Las Vegas Valley hardscapes

Story by Kim Cooper Findling

When it came time to completely renovate the hardscape for a high-end residential home in TPC Summerlin, Stonescape Pavers held nothing back. From project beginning to end, attention to detail and a beautiful end product were top of mind and key focus.

“We did a complete exterior remodel,” explains Eric Driscoll, project manager for Stonescape Pavers. The company is a division of Par 4 Golf Management and Par 3 Landscape and handles all things hardscape, from concrete to pavers to stone, for both residential and commercial projects throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

The homeowners came to Stonescape when their home exterior and landscape needed freshening up, and Stonescape took that concept to heart, and eventually beyond everyone’s expectations.

“This project had a great amount of detail,” says Driscoll. “We were able to incorporate a lot of very nice elements.”

The tile pavers used were a beautiful, vibrant red clay, which furthermore were reclaimed materials, salvaged from Italy. The natural stone selected for the project was a gorgeous natural limestone.

“We used the red clay pavers from Italy throughout the property,” says Driscoll. “The entire driveway and front of the property was completed in the natural limestone.” Per the owners’ desires and direction, the entire project was handled with precision and high quality work and materials.

Exterior hardscapes are often overlooked, but in fact a well-done tile and paver project can have a big impact on your life, home and lifestyle. Both functional and aesthetic, hardscapes are the basis for everything that goes over them—landscaping, activities, leisure and more. With forethought and a great hardscape company, your natural landscape can be divided into useful areas, distinct from one another, attractive and highly functional for individual activities and different purposes.

While some residents choose to live with unacceptable hardscapes, thinking that they are unchangeable or can be prettied up with plantings, instead choosing to invest in a new hardscape can make a huge difference. Simply planting more living landscaping materials around unattractive hardscapes can’t solve all problems. Choosing the addition of new tile, pavers or new concrete can provide much more enduring enjoyment and benefit the appeal of your entire home.

Varying surface treatments, for instance with concrete staining and a variety of pavers, can differentiate space and function. Hardscapes can create shapes, barriers, and other decorative elements in a way that breaks up the line of vision and provides definition to your exterior landscape.

Stonescape’s team are expert at the installation of concrete and foundations as well as tiles and pavers, and therefore also handled all concrete subslabs for the TPC Summerlin project. The pool was refinished at the same time as the hardscape improvements, and the landscaping was replaced throughout the entire property by Par 3 Landscape, the parent company of Stonescape Pavers.

Stonescape Pavers laid their first paver in 1998. Since that time they have installed well over one million square feet of hard surface materials in Southern Nevada.

“Our mission is to provide Southern Nevada with the best hardscape construction experience by using high quality products, providing the best customer service and applying our expertise to each job to make sure it’s done right,” says Driscoll. “Our goal is to exceed expectations.”

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