Winter '24 - Escape to Cabo, SNGA Winners & More

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fashion - Winter Couture


Winter Couture

Story by Golf Fashionista Seema Sadekar

Photography by Play Golf Designs Inc.


Purple Prancer

Black and Purple Pants

Golf Tip:

The key to a consistent and smooth golf swing is to finish your swing in balance and hold your finish until you see your ball land. To practice having a solid finish and good balance take a few practice swings and focus on having a calm and smooth tempo. You can also try a few swings with your eyes closed; it will give you a better understanding of how important having good balance is to create that strong and fabulous finish.

Fashion Tip:

Even though we have hit the winter season, there is nothing wrong with embracing bright and loud colors. Purple is a color that never goes out of style and challenges the winter season. The side mesh on my electric flower pants match the plain black shirt accentuated with sparkly shoulder shimmer. The all-black ensemble make the purple stand out, making for a stylish and unique winter golf get up!


Festive on the Fairway

Blue and Black One Piece

Golf Tip:

Part of my pre-shot routine allows me to align my body and hit my target. Stand behind the ball and get a good idea of where you want to hit the ball in the fairway or green, pick a target and draw a line from your ball to your chosen target. See that line in your mind and focus on that line while you are behind the ball. When you address the ball, look down the line to your target before swinging the club; it will help you see your target and align your body so that you can swing freely.

Fashion Tip:

The frosty blue and black jumpsuit is the perfect outfit for a chilly day out on the course. Jumpsuits are my new favorite outfits to wear on the course—they are comfortable, stylish and make for an easy transition from the course to hanging by the Christmas tree for a glass of eggnog! Don’t be afraid to get a little festive on the fairways with a colorful and fitted jumpsuit.  Add a cute jacket to keep warm when it gets chilly later in the day!


Mint Green Celebration!

Green Dress with Gold Flowers

Golf Tip:

Making a solid impact is a great feeling. It is fun when you are able to “strike” the golf ball well and you stay committed to your shot. Being weak and decelerating are signs of not committing to the shot; swing through the ball like you mean it. Be confident that you are going to get the ball on the fairway or green. Stay relaxed and set your mind to your target. Swing away!

Fashion Tip:

This fun and flared MT Costello "Seema Mini" is the perfect dress for a Christmas celebration on the course. The dress is a holiday mint green with the most beautiful gold floral vintage accents and unique neckline. The MT Costello "Seema Mini" is the perfect dress for on course chic or Christmas caroling with family and friends.

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