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Monday, March 9, 2015

Workout Wear from Three Fitness Fads


Exercise Elegance

Workout wear for three fitness fads

Story by Golf Fashionista Seema Sadekar

Photography by Exceed Photography and Play Golf Designs Inc.


Let’s Roll with the Punches

Fashion Tip:

There are two things you need to be a fashionable and fabulous boxer—pink hand wraps and pink boxing gloves. Sure, our focus is to ensure we get in a great workout, but you also want to look the part! My outfit is a charcoal grey Mirelle Activewear jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are very comfortable and offer an easy fashion transition to and from the boxing ring. Compression jumpsuits are form fitting and allow your body to move freely throughout your workout.

Boxing Tip:

Boxing is a lot of fun. It gives you a ton of energy and a tremendous workout, leaving you feeling like you have conquered the world. The first thing you learn in boxing is the jab. The jab is a punch that requires you to get in an athletic and powerful stance, followed by throwing your leading fist straight into a punching bag, or your spotter, as it is called. If you are a beginner, practicing your jab on the heavy bag will be the best and most effective drill to perfect your fundamentals while getting in a good workout. You can also enjoy great cardio with your jabs by moving around the bag, jabbing it from different angles and positions.

Another fun way to effectively practice your jabs is with your spotter and/or instructor. I work very closely on my boxing with Kema Ogden, the owner of UFC Gym at Anthem. Together we practice speed work and cardio in the ring. The focus is to always make sure my footwork and stance remain powerful and my arm speed increases. Make sure you are always having fun while breaking a great sweat during this perfect workout.

“UFC Gym creates something for all ages and fitness levels. As the first to combine mixed martial arts and fitness, UFC Gym’s different techniques have created an atmosphere where members see immediate results.” ~ Kema Ogden


Balance like a Ballerina

Fashion Tip:

For playing the role of a ballerina, it’s appropriate to go the tutu route. However, I have chosen to go the jumpsuit route. Barre classes are extremely graceful and feminine so it’s fun to get dressed up and look the part. I am wearing a light grey Mirelle Activewear compression jumpsuit with pink open accents on the back of the outfit. It is the most fashionable Barre outfit that keeps me feeling comfortable and allows my body to move, breath and be flexible throughout my workout. For accessories, I tied my hair in a tight, high ballerina bun, added some gloss and carried cold water to give myself the perfect ballerina look.

Fitness Tip:

Barre is the all-around relaxing workout that every women will enjoy, ensuring they stay strong, lean and healthy. It is an inspired form of exercise that includes yoga, Pilates and ballet. This workout will give your body lean muscle mass while focusing on your range of motions, flexibility and balance—all while challenging you mentally and physically in those areas.

Understanding some fundamentals while doing Barre is important.

Here are a few basic tips:

Standing: Barre really puts emphasis on your stance. When you stand you should always feel like your spine is in a perfectly straight line. The exercises you do to help your back stay flat will use your abdominal muscles and strengthen your core throughout.

Legs and Toes: Your legs and toes are two essential features you need to perfect to give you the look of a beautiful ballerina. Whenever you lift a leg off the floor, keep knees straight and have toes pointed. This will give you clean lines and also strengthen calf and glute muscles.

My favorite Barre position is the “Arabesque Sweep”—stand with your body facing the barre, center your weight and extend your “open” leg straight behind you, leaning forward onto the barre. It’s always great to look at yourself in the mirror to make sure your body is nicely aligned. Once perfectly lined and centered, pulse your extended leg behind you 15 to 20 times, feeling a good stretch, and hold the position. Pulse your lifted leg behind you in the upward motion while still feeling a good stretch followed by a burn throughout your lower body.


Yoga Roses and Poses

Fashion Tip:

My Lija Style rose color two-piece is the perfect yoga fashion statement. Choosing the right outfit that is stretchy and light in material is important for yoga. Making sure you feel comfortable both mentally and physically during your poses plays a big role in helping you get the most from your exercises.                               

Fitness Tip:

Yoga is one of the greatest workouts for meditation and calming your mind. Yoga has various poses and postures with specific physical roles that create balance to develop both flexibility and strength. In addition to practicing the poses, yoga has instructions on how to breathe and calm your body and mind throughout the process. I love to practice yoga with my instructor and owner of Barre3, Jackie Edlund. We work a lot on making sure that our postures and breathing are always coordinated. It’s important to note that when we inhale during movements, we expand our chest and abdominal muscles, and exhale during movements that narrow the chest and abdominal muscles.

Understanding how we breathe is so important. Here are two basic breathing tips to help you during yoga and in daily activities.

  • Find a comfortable place in your home or outside with fresh air where you can sit on your yoga mat. Make sure to be in a relaxed position before starting any yoga breathing techniques. You also want to make sure the environment that you choose is quiet with no distractions. Begin by sitting in an upright position with your spine straight and legs crossed to begin your breathing exercises and meditation.
  • Begin your breathing. As you inhale you should notice a rise, and with your exhalation a fall, in your abdominals. Take deep and lengthy breaths, and extend your abdominal movement more than you normally would. Keep your chest still during your breathing process and do this ten times focusing on nothing but breathing. This is a great mental exercise to focus and control your mind and breathing.

“We believe in working smarter not harder. Each Barre3 class is a 60-minute group fitness class. In every class we ask clients to honor their body and their truth. When we listen to our bodies in class it starts a chain effect and you start to tap into listening to your body during the next 23 hours of your day. Many clients notice they sleep better, make healthier eating choices and have increased energy.”

~ Jackie Edlund, owner of Barre3

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