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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lasting Memories - Re/Max World Long Drive Championship Recaps

Lasting Memories

RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship Recaps

Story by Brian Hurlburt

The RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship takes place September 20 to 27 in Mesquite, Nevada, when six world champions will be determined plus the final eight of the Open Division who will then compete live on Golf Channel on Nov. 4 from Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort. For free tickets in both Mesquite and Las Vegas, visit www.longdrivers.com.

Here are some of the most memorable moments in the 20-year history of the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship.

1. Burke Beats It
Tim Burke goes deep into the Vegas night sky and live on Golf Channel from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to the tune of 427 yards and wins the 2013 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship. It was the first time Long Drive was ever televised on live television after Long Drivers of America and Golf Channel created a historic partnership.

2. The Beast Walks Off
Sean “The Beast” Fister needed some final ball magic to win in 2001 and got it when he hit a drive of 376 yards to take down his good friend and fellow Long Drivers of America Hall of Famer Brian Pavlet by two yards.

3. Golfzilla Adds One for the Thumb
Jason Zuback is still the King of Long Drive, and that was proven without a doubt when he added his fifth title in 2006.

 4. Do Double Dip, Mr. Wilson
The legendary Bobby Wilson became the first Long Drive athlete to double dip when he won both the Senior and Super Senior world titles in 2009.

5. Longest of the longest
Until Tim Burke’s 427 yarder in 2013 in the Finals, Jamie Sadlowski was the man with the longest winning drive in history at 418 yards in his 2008 title match. He won again in 2008 becoming only the second Long Drive athlete to win back-to-back titles (Zuback).

6. Home Sweet Home
In 2008, the brand new home of the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship opened when Mayor Susan Holecheck gave Art Sellinger the keys to the Mesquite Sports and Event Complex. “The best long drivers in the world deserve to hit in the best place,” said Jason Zuback upon the opening.

7. Ladies Days and Nights
In 2000, the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship included a ladies division for the first time and Californian Stacey Shinnick won the first of three titles here, the most in the history of the ladies division.

8. Animal Instincts
George “The Animal” Slupski took down Vince Ciurluini to win the 2010 Senior title with a final ball of 389 yards. It was his first world title and one of the sport’s “best long drivers to never win a title” had his world championship.

9. Did She Say I Do?
In 2013, Eric Jones needed a big final ball to win one of his matches and got it, but then hit another winning drive when he immediately proposed on the tee to his girlfriend Maureen and she accepted. He went on to win the Senior title.

10. Are You Old Enough?
At 16-years old, Dominick Mazza became the youngest qualifier in RE/MAX World Long Drive history and then went on to hit the most 400-yard drives of the competition before finally finishing runner-up to Big Joe Miller.

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