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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Kitchen – the heart of the home

The Kitchen – the heart of the home

Scavolini’s Italian design (kitchens and more)

Story by Heidi Chackel

Photography provided by Scavolini


Scavolini brings the highest level of Italian design and sophistication for the home to Las Vegas. The vision and mission of Scavolini is both sim­ple and ambitious. “We want Italy’s favorite kitchen to become a cher­ished family member in homes all over the world.” Scavolini believes that people’s homes are the ultimate expression of who they are. The brand exists “to enhance that expression with the highest level of design and sophistication for your home.”

In 1961, Scavolini launched from Pesaro, Italy, with a small offering of fitted kitchens. It didn’t take long for the company to become popular, and by 1984, it had become abundantly clear that the state-of-the-art and visionary company had become Italy’s leading kitchen brand. With more than 50 years on the kitchens market behind it, Scavolini is one of Italian industry’s most modern, important production models, and its brand strategy continues to be rewarded with impressively large figures and growing success at the international level. 

Scavolini opened its Las Vegas store in Summerlin in October 2015 and Vegas kitchens and bathrooms have never been the same. This enormous showroom will enchant you; literally a playground for people who want to express them­selves through home styling and interior design. Scavolini is designed to engage your senses, excite you with possibilities and plenty of samples to explore. This is your opportunity to surround yourself in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms design—where you can touch it, see it, feel it and live it. As­sisted by a team of passionate and qualified designers, Sca­volini Store Las Vegas will realize your vision and color the dream for your new or remodeled home. 

The Las Vegas location is a monobrand showroom dedicated to Scavolini products only, of which it fully represents the philosophy and style. The 4,400 square foot showroom carries a selection of seven full kitchens ranging from classic, transitional, to contemporary together with many door samples displaying the huge possibilities offered by the Scavolini range. Included in the mix are: the glass kitchen Tetrix, Liberamente, Baltimora, Diesel Social and the New Carattere Kitchen.

The New Carattere Kitchen is Scavolini’s newest project, distin­guished by aesthetics of the first order where beauty, class and design blend to enhance the kitchen environment. It’s an elegant model, meticulous but refined, with an international appeal able to address a public that loves essential lines, yet without sacrificing sophistication, let alone functionality. The frame door is the signature of this new collection, an element that combines the balance of classical proportions with the clean-cut form typical of contemporary taste.

There are two interpretations of this new model. First, a more traditional version characterized by the new handle that highlights the size of the frame, becoming an elegant graphical element. And second, a version in which the grip built into the frame door is a great architectural innovation, capable of amplifying the unadulterated essence of the model. The frame door is available in matt lacquered finish in a wide range of colors, and in a veneered version in five colors. The model can also feature plain doors, offered in the same colors, so as to assist in the creation of even more flexible combinations.

To complement the collection there are many elements for personalization, such as the large hood that can be aligned with the new wall units, the steel shelves supported by tie rods fixed to the ceiling, the illuminated magnetic wall panels and the Switch cupboard, ideal for organizing spaces with great functionality.

Various tops are on offer, including the innovative Amber Avenue Stoneware with built-in washing area and hob, a perfect marriage of elegance and innovation. In this collection, where everything has been studied right down to the smallest details, light too plays an important role: available both inside the wall and tall units and in the wall panel between base units and shelves, it helps to efficiently demarcate spaces.

The Scavolini Las Ve­gas showroom also features the Scavolini Bathrooms line, with all its product range displayed together with various livings compositions. For the first time, the partnership between Scavolini and Diesel also extends to the bathroom, with a charming and original proposal. The industrial style is represented by significant use of metal, which is also found in the Stock Rack modular “shelving” system that allows the insertion of shelves, open-fronted compartments, wall and base units of different sizes, either floor-standing or wall mounted. Exclusively designed round and rectangular sit-on washbasins are available in white and in marble in various finishes. As in the kitchen, handle grips have been developed, fitted on the top of the door. Dedicated mirrors complete the bathroom range, key customization elements that highlight the uniqueness of the collection.

Quality materials, attention to detail, design and freedom of composition: these are the main characteristics of Scavolini—a leader in the bathroom, kitchen and living designs in Italy for more than 30 years. With a vast catalogue of proposals, the brand has made the custom­ization of its products its strength, offering consumers the possibility of including any model whatsoever in the most diverse settings and surroundings. To find the look that resonates most with you, view the diverse Scavolini col­lection online and visit and browse the concept displays at the Scavolini Store Las Vegas showroom.


Scavolini Store Las Vegas

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