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Monday, March 14, 2016

Women Who Work To Grow The Game

Women in Golf

Women Who Work To Grow The Game

Jody Niemann with Topgolf Las Vegas

Story by Nisha Sadekar, President of PGD Global


This feature is based on recognizing women in Las Vegas who are inspired to live their dreams and aspirations through the game of golf. For this issue of Las Vegas Golf & Leisure Magazine, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with the beautiful, creative and driven Jody Niemann, events sales manager at the new Topgolf in Las Vegas.


Let’s Chat!

Question: Tell us about how you entered the golf industry.

Answer: Growing up my parents both worked a lot of hours, so my sister and I had a choice to either be with Opa (grandpa in German) or Oma (grandma in German). My sister would always go with Oma, which consisted of shopping 24/7. I’m not the shopping type so I always went with Opa, which meant the golf course, the potato warehouse or the potato fields. Of course the golf course was the most fun, allowing me to drive the cart, do cartwheels down the fairway and eventually beat him on the course for ice cream.


Q: What inspired your move to Las Vegas?

A: My godparents, Keith and Mary Kleven, helped me with job opportunities and introducing me to their Las Vegas network of friends and family. Las Vegas was a fresh start for my children and me, it was also close enough to their grandparents, and it made it an easy place to visit. I always found Las Vegas so interesting; I never thought I would actually be living here—it is a beautiful city.


Q: What is Topgolf? 

A: Topgolf is an interactive entertainment venue combining sports and entertainment into one. Topgolf takes golf, bowling, darts, social interaction, amazing food, unique beverages and unique entertainment and throws it all into one large atmosphere. It’s become the biggest buzz and for great reason. It attracts all ages; my two boys are very excited and I know the city is anticipating the opening.


Q: What inspired your move to Topgolf?

A: Topgolf’s core values and their ONE TEAM philosophy is truly what they are about. When they say they are about family, community, kids, energy, wellbeing, and bold, strong, and caring, they truly are. They allow for the associates to grow and be who they are meant to be. They empower and cheer on your success as well as help you grow in the areas you need growth. 


Q: How do you see Topgolf in Las Vegas? Do you think it will be as popular as the other locations?

A: I envision Topgolf Las Vegas to be the stage that sets Topgolf at that next level. It is unique for conventions and corporate golf experiences, as many events flood the Vegas Strip each year. I know all the other locations have been very successful and I hope Topgolf Las Vegas will successfully continue that trend.


Q: What are Topgolf’s plans for its grand opening?

A: That is being discussed behind closed doors and I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise or excitement. Knowing our team at Topgolf Las Vegas I’m certain it is going to be fun and reflect Topgolf in the most amazing way.


Q: What are some of your favorites on the menu? Any featured specials?

A: I’m all about the sweets! The donut holes and chocolate covered strawberries are my favorite. The best part about Topgolf is that everything is done in-house. Most of the food prepared at Topgolf is made from scratch by our chef and our team on board in the kitchen. They are some of the best in Vegas!


Q: What is the attire for Topgolf?

A: At Topgolf we see anything from sport casual to eveningwear. It’s all about enjoying the experience.


Q: Can you host parties and or private events?

A: Absolutely! Topgolf is a walk-in facility and anyone is welcome. If you have an event we do packaged options for groups 20 or more, which ensures Topgolf bays together as well as food and beverage for all guests in the event. Private space is always offered to those who need it.


Q: Other things we should know about Topgolf Las Vegas?

A: Topgolf has 108 hitting bays and is climate controlled with air conditioning and heating. No more misters and fans. It is also unique in that it offers four levels encompassing two pools and an entertainment space. Multiple rooms are available for your event space with staff to service your guests. We welcome everyone to come and try the Topgolf experience and take his or her best shot!

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