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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Upside Down Exercise

Upside down Exercise

How an inversion table can strengthen your game

Story by Heidi Chackel 

When it comes to strengthening your golf game, what you do off the course can be as important as what you do on the course. In fact, specific off-course exercises can improve not only your performance on-course but your enjoyment of the game and overall fitness, too.

One of the greatest off-course exercise options is to use an inversion table. Inversion, or gravity, tables are a great product that allows you to suspend your body at an alternate angle and practice limited movement in an inverted position. Doing so contributes to upper and lower back fitness, posture, abdominal strength and flexibility—all major factors to a better golf game and better overall body health.

A significant challenge that comes to the body from the game of golf—and other rotational and unilateral pastimes—is that muscle groups on one side of the body become better developed than on the other side. This one-sided activity can pull the back muscles out of alignment, not to mention tweak the spine. Exercising on an inversion table can help realign all the muscles that have been pulled out of position, including the neck, shoulders, lower back and hips.

In addition to realigning muscles, an inversion table can contribute to flexibility. Who couldn’t use a good stretch? Like so many active pursuits, flexibility greatly contributes to a successful golf swing. Stiff muscles hamper movement, increase risk of injury, and simply don’t feel good! An inversion table helps stretch the neck, shoulders and lower back. It increases range of motion, relieves tension and keeps joints healthy and happy.

A gravity table can also do wonders for your good balance and posture. Inverting strengthens and lengthens muscles, which helps to realign them. The spine is also realigned, so that your body’s rotational axis becomes symmetrical again. All of this leads to better posture, which helps improve the stability of your swing.

Along with strong, supple back muscles, strong abdominal muscles are essential to your swing strength and stability. Doing sit-ups on an inversion table increases core strength without straining your back. Exercising while upside down does great things for the strength of your spinal rotator and stabilizer muscles.

The better your posture, the stronger your muscles, the more flexible you are, the more consistent and accurate your swing will be. And, you’ll be far less likely to suffer an injury. Inversion tables can help you with all of this, and lead to a measurable improvement in your golf game.

So in addition to listening to all of the tips and tricks that come your way on the course, remember to give your body what it needs off the course, including some quality time upside down!


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